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I’ve let you slide on the 24 hours to post thing. However, the rule still stands and I will delete you from the registry if you don’t post a comment within a reasonable time. After all, why would you register if you weren’t going to post a comment? Does that make sense to you? If you’re just going to lurk, you don’t need to register. So, why did you? It gives me reason to be suspicious of your game and motives. If I find that you are up to no good, and by that I mean spamming, trolling [in a bad way], a government agent or statist Nazi Police State Spy [You know what I’m talking about!], or in any way engaging in anti-freedom terrorist activities, like the NSA, CIA, IRS, FBI or any other criminal police state thug, goon, traitor, psychopath, criminally insane politico, public or private busybody, snoop, spy, wacko, or engaging in any form of entrapment [A felony!] I will take all necessary steps to see you held accountable for your crimes! If, on the other hand, you are sincerely interested in engaging with me on a human level and want to make a comment, or better yet, ask a question of me, feel free to do so.

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If you register you MUST post a comment within 24 hours otherwise your name will be deleted.