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    D. El De McClung

    Income Tax. The miss-application of the Income Tax

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    D. El De McClung

    I highly recommend Dave Champion’s Authoritative book exposing the largest financial crime the world has ever known and exposing the IRS, and government collaborators in the criminal conspiracy [a felony], for the criminals and terrorists they are!
    Dave Champion.
    DaveChampionsLiberty. com

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    D. El De McClung

    Some important facts from Dave’s book:
    1. There is no law making the average American liable for the income tax.
    2. The courts have ruled that a person’s [a REAL person, not the fabricated definition in the law] labor [personal property] cannot be taxed.
    3. The Income Tax is an “excise” tax.
    And I add this fact:
    “For the purposes of the income tax the word ‘person’ means a corporation…” [USC]
    I’m not a corporation!

    Get the book and get knowledgeable about the Income Tax and your rights as an American

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