My radio show is now up and running at:

Some topics I will be expounding on in upcoming episodes:

  1. Marriage- I will be explaining the difference between REAL marriage and the fraudulent scheme that the government calls marriage.  A program invented by racists back in 1859, America.
  2. Abortion- I will be talking about the LEGAL medical procedure and exposing the anti-freedom anti-nature knuckleheads who call themselves pro-lifers.  They are anything but…
  3. The criminal application of the Income Tax and the terrorist organization known as the IRS.
  4. The bastardizing of the English language.
  5. The REAL meanings of words that are now being misused, intentionally by the Mindbenders, and most Americans out of ignorance and hysteria.
  6. I will be exposing the REAL terrorists, and expressing some thoughts on what we can do about them.
  7. Nudity and the Natural Unalienable Human Right to be nude, see people nude, take pictures of nude people, and how this all relates to being Free.  I am not, technically, a nudist.  I am a nakedist.  Listen to the show and find out what I mean by this.
  8. The Right to keep and bear arms, and the illegal and treasonous laws that violate that right.  A hint:  ALL laws that have anything to do with the right to keep and bear arms are blatantly illegal, treasonous, and unconstitutional, as well as being insane.
  9. I will be defining the meaning of the phrase “So help me God” at the end of the oath of office that government officials swear to.
  10. The illegal and invalid “age of consent” laws.
  11. The absurdity of the “we are all equal” nonsense.
  12. Anti-freedom dress codes and how we can stop tyrants and bullies from imposing dress codes on a Free people.
  13. United States citizens verses American citizens.
  14. Fluoride.
  15. Why I refuse to rate, self-censor, or place any restrictions on who can visit my websites, blogs, or podcasts, or any display or exhibition of my Art, writings, books, or videos, and why I will not be posting any disclaimers to the effect that the content is “for adults only”.
  16. And other topics yet to be determined…

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